I’m John Oxley - after my first post went viral in the world of politics, I’ve now become a regular contributor to magazines like The New Statesman, The Spectator, and UnHerd as well as occasionally appearing on TV, radio, and podcasts.

This Substack is a vehicle for content that doesn’t necessarily fit with those publications. The essays posted here tend to be longer, more in-depth, and less news-driven than writing for a magazine allows. It is my space to say something unconstrained by broader editorial lines.

Outside of writing, I’ve had a varied career, starting in the world of Ultra-High-Net divorce before moving into business strategy. I now earn my keep advising businesses and individuals in strategy, communications and policy.

You’ll find an in-depth exploration of my personal political journey here. I’ve been involved in the Tory Party for most of my life, and make no apologies that this blog approaches things from a right-of-centre perspective. You will, however, hopefully, have seen that I’m unafraid of criticising the Party when it gets things wrong.

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The best reason to subscribe is because you want to read more of me. I post at least two long-form pieces here a month. The topics will vary depending on what takes my mood. Most will be musings on politics and government, but I also discuss culture, history and other miscellanea.

Substack is entirely subscriber driven. Not having an editor or a hallmark publication means doing everything, from planning to publicity myself. Growing my subscriber list is a real incentive to do this, so if you have enjoyed one or two of my pieces, please consider signing up for the regular newsletters.

If you are able to take out a paid subscription that is hugely appreciated. Subscriptions are the only revenue that I get from this, and having paying customers makes this possible. In future, it will also mean more frequent content, including exclusives.

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Writer for The Spectator, The New Statesman, Unherd, The Critic and elsewhere. Politics, history, and culture from a right of centre perspective.